About Freedom Ceramic Pvt.Ltd

Trust, quality and reliability have been the watchwords of Freedom Ceramic Pvt.Ltd and they plan to continue fulfilling the expectations of their vast array of customers. Total customer satisfaction via abortion of quality management systems in all spheres of activity guarantee adherence to predecided standards.

The company natures each relationship be it with the trade, consumers or supplies. This has established Freedom Ceramic Pvt.Ltd as a reliable and trustworthy entity capable of overcoming market challenges.Just like their historical counterparts , Freedom Ceramic Pvt.Ltd will be around to witness future market developments and participate in remaking the personality of the humble ceramic tile.

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You can download our catalogue in PDF format. Our Catalogue which explain quality, durability, innovation and strength of our tiles.
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You have only entered the length, width and product size and get information of required tiles and required tiles box.
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Manufacturer of Porcelain Vitrified Tiles

Freedom Ceramic Pvt.Ltd is eminent for producing wide-range of tiles. Be it Digital Porcelain Tiles , our tiles are famous for their durability, varied designs and aesthetic appeal. Constant innovation and leading edge production define our approach and products.

The whole surface of this Digital Porcelain Tiles are beautifully designed with minutes and astonishing designs to impart royal look to the interiors. Accessible in all size , designs and finishes, the offered tile is stain resistant, versatile, easy to install. The smooth surface finish of this tile allows easy cleaning with sweep or vacuum and mop. You can use this Digital Porcelain Tiles for paving floors in homes, schools, resorts, offices and other places.

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Our Export Area

At Freedom Ceramic Pvt.Ltd we constantly strive to supply best in class Quality to our customers. We make sure that each tile that comes our from our plant is the masterpiece itself. Our Product Range includes 600 x 600 mm Ceramic Floor Tiles. We always keep two objectives in mind while manufacturing our Products. First, Design of our products should be Unique and Adorable & Second, Product should be of top most standard of Quality.

We have state of the art manufacturing unit located in Morbi, Gujarat. Our plant is equipped with up to date technology supplied by world's best machinery suppliers like same press 2800 2, create print 6 color digital machine, kiln dlt and keda sizing machine. We have more than 113 dealers and distributes spread across length and breadth of the country. We regularly export our products to more than 12 countries including Mauritius, Taiwan, South Africa, South Korea, Botswana, Yemen and other more countries.

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